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Eggs to Legs: Educational Game

Posted on December 3, 2016 at 6:30 PM

Made as part of the MITx: 11.127x Design and Development of Games for Learning online course. The overall concept of the game is to provide an interactive experience about the life cycle of a frog for use in the classroom with students aged 5-6 years. I chose this topic because most students only get to see the life cycle chart in a text book. So Eggs to Legs would be an interactive visual aid of the life cycle, helping students to gain a better understanding of how frogs develop and risks they face. The course worked through the design and prototyping of an educational game. The below video is a playthough of the "final" iteration of Eggs to Legs showing all 4 stages of the frog life cycle. 

To play the game you can visit:

Prototype versions of the game can also be found here for comparison to the final iteration. Changes were made based on testing feedback and with polishing/balancing in mind.

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