Rebecca McGrath - Portfolio

And UI Designer

Freakout Games 2018

Game: Solbot Energy Rush: Published July 2018 (Android)

Role: Quality Assurance Testing

Freakout Games 2017

Game: British Tycoons (Working Title: Unpublished)

Roles: Test Coordinator & Quality Assurance Testing

MITx: 11.126x Introduction to Game Design (Audited Online Course) 2016

Game: Eggs to Legs

Roles: Concept/Design, 2D Art, Programming

Global Games Jam 2016

Game: Demon Duel

Role: 2D Art

Global Games Jam 2015

Game: White Horse

Roles: 2D Art, Interface Design

Freakout Games 2014

Game: Freaky Dragon: Published August 2014 (Android)

Role: Quality Assurance

Global Games Jam 2014

Game: Spy Vision

Roles: Level Design, Interface Design, 2D Art

Global Games Jam 2013

Game: Sucky Surgeon

Roles: 3D Modelling, Texturing, Animation

University Final Year Project (2013)
Topic: Interface Design