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Eggs to Legs: Educational Game

Posted on December 3, 2016 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Made as part of the MITx: 11.127x Design and Development of Games for Learning online course. The overall concept of the game is to provide an interactive experience about the life cycle of a frog for use in the classroom with students aged 5-6 years. I chose this topic because most students only get to see the life cycle chart in a text book. So Eggs to Legs would be an interactive visual aid of the life cycle, helping students to gain a better understanding of how frogs develop and risks they face. The course worked through the design and prototyping of an educational game. The below video is a playthough of the "final" iteration of Eggs to Legs showing all 4 stages of the frog life cycle. 

To play the game you can visit:

Prototype versions of the game can also be found here for comparison to the final iteration. Changes were made based on testing feedback and with polishing/balancing in mind.

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Global Games Jam 2016

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Another year and the end of January can only mean one thing, Global Games Jam 2016 and the blog post about what I worked on.

My fifth Games Jam now took me back to Staffordshire University, for the final time at the Stafford Campus before their move to Stoke on Trent. Based on this year’s theme "Ritual" our team of 3 began work on a PC game called Demon Duel.

“Demon duel is a two player demon battling game! Each player populates their pentagram from a collection of artefacts to summon the ideal fighting demon! Choose from items such as the tail of an ox and the feather of an eagle to get the best traits of speed, strength, defence, and stealth. Learn the points of your pentagram to best position those traits then it's time to fight!"

The short demo/explanation video for the game can be found here

Here is the direct link to the project on the official GGJ16 site where you can get a copy of the game to play on Windows and Mac:


The image below is the main fight screen for the game where the summoned demon has won the fight.

Demon Duel Screenshot

Global Games Jam 2015

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The end of January can only mean one thing, Global Games Jam 2015!


My fourth Games Jam, in a row, took me back to Staffordshire University once more. Based on this years theme "What do we do now?" our team of 6 began work on a PC game called White Horse.


"White Horse is a turn-based strategy-RPG, set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a vicious disease. Your only goal is to survive for as long as possible - but how you do that is up to you. Will you build a party of adventurers to join you as you crusade your way through the ravaged world or go it alone and kill anyone who shows any sign of infection? Will you run the show as a friendly and thoughtful leader or a ruthless pragmatist? It's entirely up to you. Just be sure you can live with yourself - and the consequences."


The short demo video for the game can be found here:


Here is the direct link to the project on the official GGJ15 site:


The below image is the world map from the game. Settlements and their locations are randomly generated, the player must travel between them maintaining their supplies level.

Freakout Games - Freaky Dragon

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Over the past few months I've been volunteering my free time to a new independent games studio called Freakout Games. I've been doing quality assurance for them on their latest Android titles.

Released today the newest game from the studio is called Freaky Dragon, it's available for free on Android devices on the Google Play Store:

and the Amazon App Store.

Game description from the Google Play Store: 

"Dodge, fly, fire and have fun with Dragon!!

Enter the world of Freaky Dragon where you get to fly through many challenges! An endless runner game with lot of adventure, fun and action.

Players have to dodge many obstacles by firing at barriers and enemies while collecting golden eggs for more points and extra lives. Freaky Dragon is a runner game with lots of adventure, speed and action. Fly through boulders, arrows, cannon etc and try to escape."

For more information on future games follow Freakout Games on Twitter @FreakoutGames (

Global Games Jam 2014

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For the third year in a row I took part in Global Games Jam 2014 at Staffordshire University. Going back to Stafford it was great fun to meet up with and work with everyone from Uni again and get to know new people! Our team of five this year created the game Spy Vision, a mobile game for Android devices.


You control a character having to infiltrate a secret government building. You can see the building through all of its different security systems, infrared, motion detection, frequency detection and human guards. To play the game tap the screen to move the character avoiding the different security systems.

Use the buttons on the right to view the different security systems. The link with instillation instructions for mobile can be found below.

Short demo video of the game:


Here's the project link on the GGJ14 site where you can download the .apk file to install the game on your phone:

This image is the current second level of the game.